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Faith into Action

January 2017     

 Action Bakewell 01/2017

 On the day of the inauguration of the new American president, we are saying:

We will build BRIDGES, NOT WALLS
to a peaceful and just world rid of oppression and hatred

We know that all of us are citizens of the world, and so

  • We will stand together in solidarity, and speak for peace not hatred
  • We will resist the fascism spreading through the world
  • We will treat everyone equally and with respect
  • We will welcome refugees

Martin Luther King: “Let’s build bridges, not walls”
Pope Francis: “We need bridges, not walls” 

Faith into Action

July  2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 In 2011, the Religious Society of friends in Britain, more often known as Quakers, made  a  resolution  that they would like to work for a low-carbon sustainable society. The Quaker Meeting in Bakewell decided that we would like to make our contribution to this. We would get together many local people, from all walks of life, who had the same aim. We would work to encourage each other in our creative activities and offer a celebration to the world. And so the Bakewell Green Festival was born. We believe that a sustainable world would also be a more peaceful world, a more equal world, a fairer and more honest world, and a simpler world. We hope you join us in that hope. Quakers worship in a listening silence, believing that there is a Power, a Light, or God, who can help to guide us in the ways of peace, equality, fairness and simplicity. It’s a big ’ask’, but we do our best. It is this belief that underpins the Bakewell Green Festival, and we offer it as a gift to all those who come and who take part.

Jeni Edwards, Festival Team Leader

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